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Do not buy any iPhone unlocking or jailbreaking software
until you read this important scam alert!

The Scam Protection Agency was alerted of a potential scam in the form of iPhone unlocking software. Therefore, we tested every unlocking and jailbreaking software on the internet and ended up with 23 crashed iPhones and 38 iPhones with limited capabilities. One of our employees even ended up with a stolen identity! We have already taken all of the sites that scammed us off of the internet, but new ones are popping up every day. This page was written to tell you what software is scam free so you can make an intelligent decision on which software would be right for you.

Just as it is a solution, unlocking is also a problem if done wrong, and that is why we created this site. Many sites proudly display their iPhone unlocking software as an easy and fast solution, but some of these sites mask a huge problem. The software that unlocks iPhones can easily cut off wi-fi capabilities or completely crash your iPhone. You paid top dollar for your iPhone and then bought software to maximize its capabilities, only to have that same software destroy all of your investment. Does this sound right?

We systematically tried every iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking product on the market and spent literally thousands of dollars trying different types of iPhones and iTouches on each software product. We ended up with 23 crashed iPhones and 38 iPhones with limited capabilities. These iPhones couldn't make calls or connect to wi-fi and had a huge list of other problems.

The first, most basic criteria we evaluated this software on was whether or not our iPhones were damaged in any way. We decided against even giving those sites reviews, since we only want to tell you about the sites that work! We also evaluated the software based on software effectiveness through a broad range of iPhones and iTouches, ease of use, bonuses that come with the software, customer reviews, customer service and guarantees, and finally, price.

Only four of the iPhone unlocking software products ended up making it into our reviews because the rest we found failed on one or more of our minimum requirements. The reason our top pick was #1 was because of the excellent customer support, wonderful guarantee, reliable product, great price, and all of the goodies that came with it.

Date: 29.05.2011.

Official iPhone Software Market Review:
Unbrick iPhone

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iPhone Unlocker Pro Software Effectiveness- 9/10
The software worked for every iPhone we tried it on. Jailbreaking the 3G was even easy with this software! This was the only software that worked for the 3G. We gave it 9/10

Ease of Use- 9/10

iPhone-Unlocker-Pro Scam?- Most definitely not
This was quick and easy to use. We gave it a 9/10.

Bonuses- 10/10
This package has the best bonuses we saw on the market. Along with the software was an illustrated ebook that was very clear and easy to use. Also, we received 750 wallpapers and a ringtone package. If we had bought those from the Apple store, we would be paying about $10 for each wallpaper and ringtone, so this is a gigantic bonus. We gave a 10/10.

Customer Reviews- 9/10
There are so many customer reviews on from happy customers, and they were not hard to find. 9/10

Customer Service and Guarantee- 8/10
We received an email address to email and there is a form on the site to fill out in case of trouble. It only took them a few hours to respond. We would definitely have liked having a phone number to call, but with the fast response time, it was not too bad. The guarantee was hard to find, but once we did, we found a full money back guarantee! We gave 8/10.

Price and Value- 9/10
Although this is the most expensive product of the four that worked, we found that it was definitely the best. For $24.97, which is about $30.99, you get hundreds of dollars worth of wallpapers and ringtones, great service and a money back guarantee. For value, we gave a 9/10.

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Software Effectiveness-6/10
UnlocX software unlocked every iPhone we tried except for the 3G. It does come with free updates for life, so we gave it 6/10.

Ease of Use- 8/10
UnlocX is very easy to use, but it takes much longer to put onto the iPhone than the others. The video on the homepage brags that it takes about three minutes to get the software onto the iPhone, but for all of our trials, we found that it took more than ten minutes. Still, we gave UnlocX 8/10.

Bonuses- 7/10
Software comes with a clear ebook on how to unlock your iPhone and another ebook on how to save your iPhone if it gets water damage. I didnít find the second book extremely helpful, but if you are prone to dropping things in water, I suppose it would be. We gave the bonuses a 7/10.

Customer Reviews- 8/10
There are many great reviews from people around the world. 8/10

Customer Service and Guarantee- 5/10
UnlocX has a form on their website that they seem to answer about once every other day. The 7 day refund policy leaves us dumbfounded. If a company has a good product, shouldnít it have a good warrantee or even guarantee? We gave UnlocX a 3/10 for this.

Price and Value- 8/10
The Price for this software is £14.99, which in dollars is about $22.17. For the price, the software is a pretty good value, but we would have liked some more, like a better warrantee or some

Software Effectiveness- 6/10
This was the first software we tried that did completely unlock every iPhone and iTouch we tried it on, and did not crash any, either. The only drawback is that the software does not even jailbreak 3G iPhones, whereas most unlocking sites do at least jailbreak 3G iPhones. Also, this software comes with free updates, which is quite a plus. We gave it a 6/10

Ease of Use- 7/10
This product was easy to use once it was on the computer, but our biggest problem was that it was complicated to actually get the software onto our computer. Download took a long time and there was a lot of hassle. We gave this product 7/10

Bonuses- 6/10
The software comes with an illustrated ebook that was very clear and helpful. 6/10

Customer Reviews- 7/10
We found a few customer reviews on the site, and all were very positive. We just wonder if three reviews are enough. We gave 7/10

Customer Service and Guarantee- 7/10
We did receive an email address with the download package to email customer service with. We would have liked a phone number. The 15 day risk free full money back guarantee is very comforting. We gave it 7/10.

Price and Value- The price for this is $14.75, not bad for what you get. This is the least expensive product and is definitely not the worst. 9/10

Overall, this is a good value and a good, basic product. 7/10

Software Effectiveness- 4/10
Although may look flashy, its software is anything but flashy. The software didnít manage to completely unlock an iPhone v 1.5, so we were stuck with one iPhone that didnít connect to any new carriers but still could do everything else. All in all, we gave it a 4/10.

Ease of Use- 8/10
Like most iPhone unlocking software, is quite simple, but compared to the other three good unlocking sites, it is more complicated than it has to be. We gave it 8/10.

Bonuses- 7/10
The package comes with two versions of the software, one for Mac and one for Windows, and an ebook detailing how to use it. These bonuses come with almost all unlocking packages, so we gave it 7/10.

Customer Reviews- 0/10
We could not find any customer reviews for this site. 0/10

Customer Service and Guarantee-2/10
There is no phone number to reach the customer support, the only way to get any support is to fill out a form on the website with your email address and question. The response time was atrocious, we waited four days for an email about our partially unlocked iPhone. There is also no money back guarantee. We were very disappointed with this section of this software, so we gave it 2/10

Price and Value- 6/10 is charging £17 for the whole package, a mere $21.31, but with the shotty performance in all other areas, itís not even worth saving a few extra pennies. Overall, this product was cheaply made and not worth the money. If you want something cheap, pinch pennies elsewhere. You get what you pay for, so we gave this a 6/10.

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